USFWI Reading Lists 2019-2020

2019-2020 USFWI 

Adult and Children's Reading Lists






“Unity of the Spirit” Ephesians 4:3  NIV




Minding the Light by Suzanne Woods Fisher.  Captain Reynolds Macy returns to his home on Nantucket Island with a ship’s hold full of whale oil and discovers that everything has changed.  Unlike most islanders, bold and spirited Daphne Coffin doesn’t defer to Ren as an authoritative whalemaster, but sees through is alooftness and encourages him to return to his Quaker roots and “mind the Light” find solace in God and community.                      $16.00

The Road Home by Beverly Lewis.  Grieving the death of her Amish parents and separation from her nine close-knit siblings, Lena Ross Schwartz consoles herself that her new life in Lancaster County won’t be forever.  Even as she hold on to hope for a reunion with those she love most, she discovers that Lancaster holds charms of its own.                                $16.00

The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury.  A love story by everyone’s favorite author, this book is set against the struggle of the American bookstore, you will never forget.  In the face of desperate brokenness and lost opportunities, could the miracle of a second chance really unfold.                                                                                                                                                      $16.00

Hurricane Season, by Lauren K. Denton.  When Hurricane Ingrid aims a steady eye at the Alabama coast, a family must make decisions that will change their family’s future.  A story of one family’s unconventional journey to healing and the relationships that must be mended along the way.                                                                                                                       $16.00



Made Like Martha by Katie M. Reid.  Are you a Martha who feels guilty for not being a Mary?  In this book (one of my favorite on the list) the author invites you to exchange try-hard striving for hope-filled freedom without abandoning your doer’s heart in the process. 


Bus to Corinth by Ladine Housholder.  Five of the original “Well Women” journey through Greece to honor the memory of a friend and retrace the footsteps of Paul the Apostle during his ministry in Athens and Corinth.  Like Paul’s vision of Jesus, their experience explodes into their lives, empowering and transforming them forever.                                               $16.00

Plain and Plenty, A Quaker Cookbook, by Trish Edwards-Konic.  Delicious recipes all compiled by Quakers.  There is everything from appetizers and breads to main dishes of beef, pork or poultry.  I thought you might like to bring this back after 16 years and it is still available.                                                                                                                                                 $14.00



Taking Back My Life by Rebekah Gregory.  On April 15, 2013, Rebekah Gregory and her five year old son waiting at the finish line of the Boston Marathon to support a friend who was running.  A terrorist’s homemade bombs destroyed her life by injuring her leg so badly it later had to be amputated.  This is a true inspirational story of how life is hard, but with God all things are possible.                                                                                                                        $16.00

Hiding in the Light by Rifqa Bary.  A true story about how a teenage girl, a native of Sri Lanka,  risked everything to leave Islam and follow Jesus.  The author recounts in riveting detail the events leading up to her decisions to leave home and the chain of events that followed.                                                                                                                                             $16.00


I’ll Push You, by Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck.  This is a true story of a journey of 500 miles two best friends and one wheelchair.  After Justin was diagnosed with a progressive neuromuscular disease his life time friend, Patrick offered to help him fulfill his dream of traveling the famous Camino de Santiago by pushing him in his wheelchair.  This book tells what a true friendship is meant to be.                                                                                       $16.00



Seeds that Change the World, by Debbie L. Humphries.  Growing up Mormon, the author came to Quakerism in the early 1990’s.  Debbie shares her experiences as she has travelled in the ministry among Quakers under the care Hartford Monthly Meeting, carrying a concern for the spiritual health and vitality of the Religious Society of Friends.          $15.00

Lessons from Cross-Cultural Collaboration, by Eloise Hockett and John Mahanji.  In this book, the authors share their unique experiences of cross-cultural collaboration using the principles of cultural humility, primarily in Kenya.  From Mt. Elgon, to a village in rural Kenya, to working with teachers in schools, they describe each project through the lens and perspective of an American and a Kenyan.  This book is especially meaningful to USFWI since the next triennial is coming up in 2020 in Kenya.                                                         $21.00

Primitive Quakerism Revived, by Paul Buckley.  This book challenges contemporary Friends in each of the Society’s branches to reexamine their fundamental beliefs and practices.  It is a plea to reclaim the essential Quaker principles and mission by modeling a joyfully faithful community of God.                                                                                                                             $15.00

Going the Extra Mile, Norval Hadley.  Dr. Hadley tells the story of how his decision to follow God no matter what took him into seventy-five countries and on a lifetime of adventure.  Join him on his adventures.                                                                                                             $14.00                                                                                                  









Barclay Press Release Feb. 15, 2018





Advocate 2017

New Year! New Goals! New Joys!

by Sarabeth Marcinko

Editor, The Advocate

    Although the USFW program year began in September, January is the beginning of our new fiscal year.  This issue of The Advocate lists and gives details about the new project goals for 2017.  These projects were thoughtfully selected by the Executive Board at their fall meeting. In this article, I want to note some of the similarities to and differences from previous projects budgets.

    The 2017 budget has 22 projects, which is one more than in 2016. But the total goal is $12,500 less.  We have not reached our annual goal for a few years, and the board felt that declining membership and contributions meant that the goal amount should be reduced to reflect the reality.  Hopefully, we can meet or exceed the new goal for 2017.

    To reduce the overall goal, the goals for several of the specific projects have been reduced as well.  For example, three of the Four Funds now have goals of $4,000 instead of $5,000.  The Joy Fund goal remains at $6,000 because it is divided among the workers at three Native American Centers. The same rationale applied to the four Children & Youth projects: the goals were reduced except the one for the children & youth programs at the three Native American Centers.

    Three projects were dropped: the Jamaica and East Africa Leadership Training Programs and the FTC Library and Technology project. For various reasons, these projects are not really active at this time.  Additionally, the Turkana/Samburu Mission Support project was moved from Keys to the Kingdom to the United Thank Offering.

    Because Joyce Ajlouny is moving into a different role of “Advancement and Alumni Relations” for Ramallah Friends Schools and will no longer be Field Staff, the Love Fund is being designated for the support of the new position of pastoral minister in Belize. This is an exciting new project, as Oscar Siema Mmbali is the first FUM field staff appointee from Kenya.  Much of his support is to be raised by the Friends Church in Kenya; however, support from the USA and USFWI will still be needed. You can read about Oscar and his calling to this work in an article from FUM in this issue.

    Four new projects have been added:  Jamaica—Pastoral Care; Kenya—FTC Extension Program; Belize—Adult Education; and Ramallah—RFS Quaker Life Coordinator.  You can read about these new initiatives elsewhere in this publication as well as in future issues of The Advocate.  

The majority of the 2017 goals are for FUM projects, as usual. But we also support the USA Native American Centers (formerly ACFIA) and the Right Sharing of World Resources worker in Kenya in addition to our own projects for The Advocate support and Triennial Overseas Travel Assistance for USFW YM Clerks.  The projects chosen also represent geographic areas across the globe: Belize, Cuba and Jamaica in the Caribbean; Ramallah in the Mideast; Kenya and East Africa, including Turkana and Samburu; and the USA.

Remember to subscribe or renew your subscription to The Advocate so you will receive information on our efforts to help with these projects. The new rates as of January 1, 2017 are listed on page 30.  Together we can experience the “Joy of Giving,” not just at Christmas, but all year through.