USFWI Reading Lists 2018-2019

2018-2019 USFWI 

Adult and Children's Reading Lists






“Great Is Thy FaIthfulness”  LamentationS 3:22-23                                                                                          


Bread of Angels, by Tessa Afshar  A novel based on the story of Lydia in the Bible.  Lydia, the seller of purple was only a simple merchants daughter when she inherits the business after her father dies.  This story tells of the struggles of a woman merchant as well as unbearable betrayal that robs her of nearly everything.   $15.00

Come Rain or Come Shine, by Jan Karon   Another Mitford series novel that tells the story of the preparations for the wedding of Father Tim Kavanagh’s adopted son, Dooley and Lace Harper.   The long awaited day finally arrives.  Enjoy and be sure to have a tissue nearby at the end.    $16.00                                                                                                           

The Sweet Smell of Magnolias, by Celeste Fletcher McHale.  A sweet story of Jacey and Colin as they shared the three most intense days of their lives together waiting for help in floodwaters of the Mississippi. Knowing they have fallen in love, they finally find each other again and open their hearts in the most unexpected ways. $16.00

The Devoted, by Suzanne Woods Fisher  Ruthie Stoltzfus has passed the GED without knowledge of her family and is not sure if she will stay Amish.  A young English man enters her life that brings deferred hopes and dreams and leaves readers delighted with the outcome.                                                                    $15.00 

                                                                           GROWTH AND CHALLENGE

 The Light at the End of the Funnel, Jeff Blackburn  A true story of the survival of a pastor and his family as a EF5 tornado struck Greensburg, Kansas on May 4, 2007 that destroyed  their home as well as the whole town. As they struggle to recover they find meaning in deeper spiritual truths that transcend material loss.  $7.00                                                                                                                                           

The Girls of Kabul, by Jenny Nordberg  This book tells of how some girls in Afghanistan are temporarily dressed and raised as sons secretly living on the other side of a deeply segregated society where women have almost no rights and little freedom. $16.00  

Be the Gift: Let Your Broken Be Turned into Abundance, by Ann Voskamp  This book will challenge and encourage you to listen to God and look for opportunities to be His gift to others.  $17.00                                                        


The Reason, How I Discovered a Life Worth Living, by Lacey Strum  The hard rock princess tells her own story of physical abuse, drug use, suicide attempts and her ultimate salvation after her life changes when her grandmother forced her to go to church $16.00                                                    

The Invisible Girls, by Sarah Thebarge  After nearly dying of breast cancer in her twenties, the author fled her successful career, her Ivy League education, and failed relationship, and moved nearly 3,000 miles from the East Coast to Portland, Oregon, hoping to quietly pick up the pieces of her broken life,  Instead, a chance encounter on the train with a family of Somali refugees swept her into an adventure that changed all of their lives. $15.00                                                   

My Amish Story, Breaking Generations of Silence, by Rebecca Borntrager Graber  The story of the last few years of Amish life for the Graber family in the 1990’s as they make the decision to leave the old way of life of the old Amish order and embrace the transitions and adjustments to a new way of living. $16.00


Our Life is Love, by Marcelle Martin  This book describes the transformational spiritual journey of the first Quakers, who turn to the Light of Christ within and allowed it to be their guide.  It also offers a simple, clear explanation of the spiritual journey that is suitable, not only for Quakers, but for all. $18.00                                                                                                               

Face to Face:  Early Quaker Encounters with the Bible by T. Vail Palmer  Review:  A systematic look at Quakers’ understanding and theology of the Bible, the most comprehensive Quaker theology ever written. –C. Wess Daniels.       $20.00

A Woman’s Crusade, by Mary Walton  The inspiring story of Alice Paul who practiced peaceful civil disobedience in the pursuit of equal rights for women.  She eventually succeeded in forcing President Woodrow Wilson and a reluctant US Congress to pass the Nineteenth Amendment, granting women the right to vote. $20.00                                                                                             

Unlacing the Heart, by Henry B. Freeman  This book of true-life stories that capture moments of deep personal connection between people living very different lives.  He, a Quaker, shares with us a rare gift that extends far beyond his professional expertise as a fundraising consultant, but receives it as a gift from a his mentor and dear friend, Henri Nouwen. $15.00


Barclay Press Release


On February 15, 2018 Barclay Press released a Press Release from Eric Muhr,
Barclay Press Publisher. Following is an excerpt from that release:

“On February 14, 2018, the Executive Committee of Evangelical
Friends Church – North America unanimously approved to
respectfully separate from its relationship with Barclay Press,
effective immediately.”

Eric states that “This decision puts Barclay Press in a very difficult financial
position, and the board members will be meeting to discuss possible steps to
move forward. “ Recent information from Eric indicated Barclay Press has
begun a fund raising campaign to help with the already diminishing support
from EFC-NA and others. Please pray for Barclay Press and for the work that
they do.
Barclay Press Bookstore has been very helpful to USFWI in the last five years
when they came to our rescue whenever another bookstore was unable to
work with us any longer. We are grateful for their support of our USFWI
Reading List. I have been in contact with Kati Voth, at Barclay Press and she
assures me that this will not affect the sales of our 2018-2019 USFW Reading
List. Now, it is even more important to support them with the purchase of your
reading list books from Barclay Press Bookstore and take advantage of the 20%
discount for your societies. I will be in contact with Barclay Press about any
decisions that will affect our USFWI Reading List and pray that God will lead us in
the future.
Mary Anna McCullen
USFWI Literature & Reading Course Secretary



Barclay Press Release Feb. 15, 2018







Advocate 2017

New Year! New Goals! New Joys!

by Sarabeth Marcinko

Editor, The Advocate

    Although the USFW program year began in September, January is the beginning of our new fiscal year.  This issue of The Advocate lists and gives details about the new project goals for 2017.  These projects were thoughtfully selected by the Executive Board at their fall meeting. In this article, I want to note some of the similarities to and differences from previous projects budgets.

    The 2017 budget has 22 projects, which is one more than in 2016. But the total goal is $12,500 less.  We have not reached our annual goal for a few years, and the board felt that declining membership and contributions meant that the goal amount should be reduced to reflect the reality.  Hopefully, we can meet or exceed the new goal for 2017.

    To reduce the overall goal, the goals for several of the specific projects have been reduced as well.  For example, three of the Four Funds now have goals of $4,000 instead of $5,000.  The Joy Fund goal remains at $6,000 because it is divided among the workers at three Native American Centers. The same rationale applied to the four Children & Youth projects: the goals were reduced except the one for the children & youth programs at the three Native American Centers.

    Three projects were dropped: the Jamaica and East Africa Leadership Training Programs and the FTC Library and Technology project. For various reasons, these projects are not really active at this time.  Additionally, the Turkana/Samburu Mission Support project was moved from Keys to the Kingdom to the United Thank Offering.

    Because Joyce Ajlouny is moving into a different role of “Advancement and Alumni Relations” for Ramallah Friends Schools and will no longer be Field Staff, the Love Fund is being designated for the support of the new position of pastoral minister in Belize. This is an exciting new project, as Oscar Siema Mmbali is the first FUM field staff appointee from Kenya.  Much of his support is to be raised by the Friends Church in Kenya; however, support from the USA and USFWI will still be needed. You can read about Oscar and his calling to this work in an article from FUM in this issue.

    Four new projects have been added:  Jamaica—Pastoral Care; Kenya—FTC Extension Program; Belize—Adult Education; and Ramallah—RFS Quaker Life Coordinator.  You can read about these new initiatives elsewhere in this publication as well as in future issues of The Advocate.  

The majority of the 2017 goals are for FUM projects, as usual. But we also support the USA Native American Centers (formerly ACFIA) and the Right Sharing of World Resources worker in Kenya in addition to our own projects for The Advocate support and Triennial Overseas Travel Assistance for USFW YM Clerks.  The projects chosen also represent geographic areas across the globe: Belize, Cuba and Jamaica in the Caribbean; Ramallah in the Mideast; Kenya and East Africa, including Turkana and Samburu; and the USA.

Remember to subscribe or renew your subscription to The Advocate so you will receive information on our efforts to help with these projects. The new rates as of January 1, 2017 are listed on page 30.  Together we can experience the “Joy of Giving,” not just at Christmas, but all year through.