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New Year! New Goals! New Joys!

by Sarabeth Marcinko

Editor, The Advocate

    Although the USFW program year began in September, January is the beginning of our new fiscal year.  This issue of The Advocate lists and gives details about the new project goals for 2019.  These projects were thoughtfully selected by the Executive Board at their fall meeting. In this article, I want to note some of the similarities to and differences from previous projects budgets.

    The 2019 budget has 22 projects, which is one more than in 2019. But the total goal is $12,500 less.  We have not reached our annual goal for a few years, and the board felt that declining membership and contributions meant that the goal amount should be reduced to reflect the reality.  Hopefully, we can meet or exceed the new goal for 2019.

    To reduce the overall goal, the goals for several of the specific projects have been reduced as well.  For example, three of the Four Funds now have goals of $4,000 instead of $5,000.  The Joy Fund goal remains at $6,000 because it is divided among the workers at three Native American Centers. The same rationale applied to the four Children & Youth projects: the goals were reduced except the one for the children & youth programs at the three Native American Centers.

    Three projects were dropped: the Jamaica and East Africa Leadership Training Programs and the FTC Library and Technology project. For various reasons, these projects are not really active at this time.  Additionally, the Turkana/Samburu Mission Support project was moved from Keys to the Kingdom to the United Thank Offering.

    Because Joyce Ajlouny is moving into a different role of “Advancement and Alumni Relations” for Ramallah Friends Schools and will no longer be Field Staff, the Love Fund is being designated for the support of the new position of pastoral minister in Belize. This is an exciting new project, as Oscar Siema Mmbali is the first FUM field staff appointee from Kenya.  Much of his support is to be raised by the Friends Church in Kenya; however, support from the USA and USFWI will still be needed. You can read about Oscar and his calling to this work in an article from FUM in this issue.

    Four new projects have been added:  Jamaica—Pastoral Care; Kenya—FTC Extension Program; Belize—Adult Education; and Ramallah—RFS Quaker Life Coordinator.  You can read about these new initiatives elsewhere in this publication as well as in future issues of The Advocate.  

The majority of the 2019 goals are for FUM projects, as usual. But we also support the USA Native American Centers (formerly ACFIA) and the Right Sharing of World Resources worker in Kenya in addition to our own projects for The Advocate support and Triennial Overseas Travel Assistance for USFW YM Clerks.  The projects chosen also represent geographic areas across the globe: Belize, Cuba and Jamaica in the Caribbean; Ramallah in the Mideast; Kenya and East Africa, including Turkana and Samburu; and the USA.

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